Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beginnings, news and something new all around...

Alot of things are going on around here this week, new beginnings (both storywise and lifewise) and surprises.  The thorn in my life aka our house remodel is well on its way to being finished.  Most of the heavy lifting stuff is done and my work list grows shorter, very slowly.  Fall is hinting at the south, meaning its wet, cool, and soggy.  I've warned the family that I fully intend to be moved in by All Hallows Eve, another beginning for us.  By that day, I'll officially be a published author, something I was still dreaming of this time last year.  Frightening Journeys will be a year old as well.  We've all come such a long way since then, ladies.  I'll leave you with two things, the beginning of Gypsy Moon and a contest to honor its October release.  Have a great week, everyone!  May life take you to wondeful new places.

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GYPSY MOON by Brianna Roarke published by Red Rose Publishing

Pressing his snout to the wet earth, Howl breathed deep. Mmm, she was close. The musky scent of his mate lingered here, but there was more, a hunter. Hackles rose. Humans mean death. His ears pricked up as a crack broke the country silence. Hot metal burrowed deep into his flesh, pain ripped through him as he ran. An anguished howl turned to human scream as werewolf shifted into man.

Clutching his bleeding arm to his chest, Howl ground his teeth against the white-hot pain. It wasn’t often he recalled events while werewolf, but he remembered the few moments before he’d changed and being shot. How could the change have come outside of the full moon? It wasn’t like there was a guide to go by, he thought bitterly, figuring the injury was enough to shift him back into human form. Sure, let’s just drag out the old magic werewolf book and see if it says anything about silver bullets, or shifting to heal. Yeah, right.

Some will hate me for saying it, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, outranked by Christmas (1) and St. Patty's day (2). I think its because of all the pretend. Anyone can be anything they want on that day. I love giving away candy and helping the kids just love fall. It brings to mind cooler air, colorful leaves and football games. Halloween, though alot of people ds with their costumes, though my son is too old to go trick or treating (his rule not mine. I go every year, but I hold off on the candy. lol) and the girls are getting there. Imagine my delight when what I thought would be my second book was actually scheduled for release October 29th, before Earth Enchanted, making GYPSY MOON my first book. Werewolves and witches at Halloween? I couldn't have asked for better timing. What a treat! This month to celebrate the release of my first book I'm having a contest. Details below.

When witch and veterinarian Ana Brannon finds a wounded stranger in the woods surrounding her cabin, she is determined to save his life. Little does she know her gentle way with animals and powerful magic may be just what the werewolf ordered. Howl Raven is a private investigator with a past and a secret. When he shifts outside of the full moon, he finds himself at the mercy of a werewolf hunter. Can Ana’s magic help banish the wolf from his blood or will she be doomed to suffer the destiny of her mate?

Help me give Gypsy Moon a spooky hello.

I'm running a contest for the October 29 release of GYPSY MOON! To enter you must do one of the following.

1. Friend me on Facebook type CONTEST in a message with your request and a contact email.

2. Sign my guestbook.   http://brynnacurrybriannaroarkebook/

3. Email me at briannaroarke@wildmailcom and type CONTEST into the subject line.

(since I don't want anyone to get spammed, limit five emails per entrant)

4. Follow me on Twitter and direct message me with your contact email. (BrynnaCurry)

5. Visit and leave a comment on any post since 9/21/09. 

6. Visit and leave me a comment along with your contact email. That's it! You will be entered to win a signed cover pic and a Halloween treat from me. Since I love Halloween, I will choose the winner that evening before I take the kids trick or treating. You may enter as often as you like and each thing you do will enter you once. The winner will be posted in all of these places and contacted privately. Thanks and good luck.

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