Monday, September 7, 2009

Attention Deficit — Oh look! Something shiny!

This week's topic is fitting. Or, rather, it fits my life.

A typical Monday has more distractions then it does hours in the day. I'm up around 5 a.m. — getting the cups of coffee that my body requires and goofing off online. This is the time that I use to do, well, nothing.

By 6:30, the teenager is up and in the shower, the dog is barking, the cats are fighting, and hubby is wondering why there's no coffee.

By 7:30, I've showered and dressed, the kid has left for school, the dog is barking, the cats are fighting, and hubby is wondering why there's no hot water for his shower.

By 8, the dog is whining because he's ready to go for his walk. I grab a yogurt and realize there's a coffee cup on the table. That goes into the sink. I go to the bedroom to get my shoes and realize the bed isn't made. Oh, wait! It's Monday. The sheets need to be changed. I strip the bed and carry the dirty ones to the laundry room. I go to the linen closet and get clean sheets. On the way to the bedroom, I see hubby's shoes, so I grab them. The dog is still whining to go on his walk.

I get the clean sheets on the bed and realize I forgot to throw the dirty ones into the washing machine. Dang it! I start a load of laundry and realize the cat litter has to be changed...


Add the fact I work out of my home as a web designer, and you can see where distractions can really mess with my day. My only advice for anyone who suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder (or it's not-as-severe cousin, "Oh look, it's something shiny" Syndrome), is to keep on pressing on. Whether it's housework or web design or writing the next chapter, I just have to keep on pressing on. Eventually it will all get done.


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