Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, look a dragonfly...

Ahh, the downside of taking your work with you everywhere you go, somethings always willing to help you procrastinate. Like this weekend for example, thanks to the holiday I was lucky enough to have Monday off. Yay! I thought. Another extra full day to work on the house. You may have gleaned by now my obsession with finishing the inside of our new house before Christmas. I'm shooting for Halloween, anyway, the house has become a driving force in my everyday life. It's also a huge distraction, from writing, editing, reviewing and occasionally eating and sleeping. So, Friday I say "I'm working on the house tommorow. So don't make any plans." Of course Saturday dawns and ... there's laundry, the lawnmower needs fixing, grocery shopping, cheer games and volleyball to get ready for etc.

Okay so Sunday...nope had to knock out the edit on EARTH ENCHANTED (formerly known as Blood Shield.) So, Labor Day was spent...laboring. Instead of working on the house, or one of the six wips I have sketched out, I'm going to watch my daughter cheer, in the rain, darn I think I forgot my umbrella, must have been distracted by...life.


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