Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A ghost story...

Just for fun...
When the baby cries...
Mary was ending her eighth month of pregnacy when her husband Thomas lost his job as the school music teacher. Unable to find more work in their small town, the young couple along with their two-year-old daughter was forced to move to the bigger city of Decatur, Alabama to look for work. Thomas had been given no severance pay. He had no savings and so took the first job he could find, selling insurance door to door within the city.

The family rented a small house in what appeared to be a nice neighborhood with alot of options for kids. The house had a big yard with this huge tire swing. All in all they couldn't believe their luck. Mary loved her little house and happily began preparing for the birth of her second daughter. Thomas hated it there and spent every moment he could away.

A month later Mary gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and her dream house changed. Thomas grew hateful, almost abusive to Mary. The house was always cold no matter how high she turned up the furnace. Molly, the little girl, started throwing fits. One afternoon Mary was washing dishes when the child began thrashing on the floor screaming. "off me, Mommy!"
Glasses flew off the counter of their own accord. Pictures fell off the wall. Nothing calmed the little girl. The baby started crying. Finally exasperated, Mary threw the water in her drinking glass in Molly's face. She stopped. 'Bad things, Mommy!" she cried.
That night Molly sleep walked into the baby's room. Mary found her in the crib with a hammer. "No, Mommy. black thing get sissy! I not hurt her, promise." Mary was so afraid she started sleeping with both girls and kept her bedroom door locked.

The next evening while Mary was at work, Thomas was minding the girls. HE'd fallen asleep with the baby on the couch while Molly watched tv. The baby cried, waking him, but his baby wasn't crying. He grabbed the girls, didn't even bother to get a bottle or diapers, and ran to the neighbors. The family moved to another town and tried to forget the house and their experiences. It wasn't until a month or so later they learned the story of the house.

Severals years earlier a man came home to find his wife packing preparing to leave him. He had been an abuser and she had finally woken up to the fact he might kill their newborn. She tried to placate him, promised to stay. He killed her in front of the fireplace, while the baby cried in the nursery. Then he hung himself in the tree that held the tire swing. The baby survived and was raised by a cousin. To this day the house has never been lived in again.

And thats the story of my 'terrible twos' !



Nichole R. Bennett said...

ewww.. gives me the chills!

Anonymous said...

lol I know! I kept having these dreams about a house I thought I'd never been in. Asked Mom, and she told me the tale. True all true and I was the child.