Tuesday, April 28, 2009


People say change is good. It gives us a chance to evolve, grow into something more, but it's never easy. I've had a lot of changes personally and professionally in my life over the last two years. Some were life-altering in the worst of ways, but good did come from them. Others had the same effect, but were the realization of dreams.

I hate saying good-bye and watching comrades drift away, but with their abscence comes new opportunity. We hope to add another permanent blogger to our group here. When its confirmed, one of us will post her welcome. On that note, we are open for guest bloggers on Fridays. You may email me at caglebethany@yahoo.com if you're interested in blogging with us. In the meantime, Barb and J.K., we wish you all the best with your future endeavors. Be blessed.

Have no fear, like the die-hard I am, I'll be around here forever. (Hey! Who was that running out screaming!) Next week, back to your regularly scheduled paranormal posts.

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