Friday, April 2, 2010

Holiday hellos

Ya know, it is almost frightening to offer holiday wishes anymore. The more I thought about which ones to offer up, the more I stumbled over my fingers. Should I say "Happy Easter!" "Blessed Ostara!" or, wait ... Passover already passed over, so I sort of missed that one. (Not really, it's seven days long and runs until April 5th, but how many Jewish folks are reading here? Well? How many of you guys are there? Speak up, don't just let the crickets chirp!) If you'd have a look at the collective faith calendar you'd find it a bit intimidating, trying to keep all those days straight. Just think of all those poor greeters at Wal-Mart trying to be PC in big urban areas.

A lot of folks get bent out of shape when cashiers just say a generic "happy holiday" without even considering the feelings of others. It is such a shame they can't stop for a moment and consider for a split-second that just maybe the person in front of them might have been Jewish, another three back might be Shinto and two lanes over Wiccan. Hey, the scowling short chick kicking your ankle for giving the under-paid woman a hard time is affectionately called the Voodoo Jew by friends and family for a very good reason. And please, when you do discover those few others out there who are in the minority in this nation who aren't of your faith, don't take it upon yourself to convert us publicly or privately.

Recently a friend took a large dose of acrimony about the "Scarlet A for Atheism" on her Facebook page. Me being me, I defended her - my dad is an atheist and proud of it. In retaliation, an evangelical fundamentalist thought it would be great fun, as an April Fool's joke, to sign me up for Bible study sessions with an email confirmation sent via a public alert system. It went out countywide; it then took me about two days to end the phone calls and hysterics from both the pagan and Jewish community without touching the outraged Christians at my heinousness stepping foot on their hallowed ground *rolls eyes*

So, whether you eat chocolate or bitter herb - attend temple or church or synagogue or dance under the moonlight following the sound of drum - may this weekend be one of warm days and cool nights shared with friends and family. Blessings be many.

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I know what you mean, Melissa. I leave my greeting at "Have an AWESome/Wonderful day!" Covers it all, doesn't make any mad and is returned with more 'you toos' than glares. lol