Thursday, February 4, 2010

Welcome to the land of hearts and flowers, where love demands to be heard and celebrated in all its grandeur, otherwise known as the month of February. Yes, It's that time again. Valentine's Day. All the warm and fuzzy commercials (I can't stand those jewerly commercials. So sappy.) got me thinking. Okay I write paranormal romance, but what does romance really mean? Is it all hearts and flowers? Candy in pretty boxes? (Okay so I love the pretty candies, who doesn't?) OR is it something more?

So first you have to ask what is romance.  I thought hard about that question. I decided its the everyday things that take so little effort. A smile in the morning, holding the flashlight while he makes holes in his new deer feeder in the middle of the woods. (yes, that's wierd. and yes, I've done that.) It's the little things you do that you probably don't think twice about, because you love someone. It's when you've been on your feet ten hours in the Alabama summer heat welding on Valentine's Day, working overtime to take care of your family, but you stop at the Dollar store to spend your last six dollars on small boxes of candy for your wife and children. You stand in line for twenty minutes, sweaty, tired and hot and don't complain. You walk outside to the truck and there's a guy beating the devil out of his woman, slamming her into your truck and on the pavement. Of course, you have to kick his a** because you're a good guy and that's what you do, and then deal with the cops. You get home at nine with melted candy. Dinner's cold and it might as well be bedtime. ..

That melted candy was all the more special and better than any gourment treat because of what my husband went through to bring it to me. I saved the box and look at it when I'm at my wit's end. lol
Life is romantic.

Be blessed,

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