Monday, December 7, 2009

'Tis the season

Can you hear it? No, not the sounds of holiday music blaring through the store speakers. Not the sounds of cash registers at those same stores.

I'm talking about the sound of back and neck muscles everywhere working themselves into knots that take an army to relieve.

I know that this is supposed to be the season of peace on Earth and love for all humanity, but it's also the season for over-scheduling and trying to keep up with the Jones's. Don't think so? How many parties are you going to just because you can't say no?

Personally, I'm scheduled for four. And neither my husband nor I work for a company that has parties, so that relieves us of the burden of two more.

As a writer, it's difficult to find the time to get words on paper (or computer screen) this time of year. Between decorating and making fudge and cookies and attending those parties and work and . . . . You get the idea.

But it must be done. The story ideas in my head don't stop just because I'm busy. In fact, I think they multiply when they aren't properly contained. Does that mean I'll actually get any of those words written (or typed)? Probably not. The ideas will fester until January, when they will have to burst forth like a broken dam.

I hope that's not the case. I hope I'm able to carve out time to write daily. Past experience, however, tells me that may not happen.

Either way, my massage appointment will help. Trust me!



Nerine Dorman said...

LOL... Don't. Talk. To. Me. About. Deadlines. The festive season certainly isn't very merry or happy for those of us employed in newspaper publishing. We're working our fingers to the bone.

Nichole R. Bennett said...

No doubt! I spent years working a weekly, so I completely understand. And then there's the spouse of the VIP who just doesn't understand why you can't fit the grip & grin on page one. Ten minutes after the presses have started....