Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Finding the Para in the Normal

Were taught from a very early age that we are special. No one thinks or acts just like us. That we have the abilty to do things that no one else can do. For some that great dream is to be president. Or a doctor. Or work with animals.

For a very special few real and imagined people, that 'specialness' is the abilty to see and understand the magical in the world around us.

As a reader I love characters who see the special in the mundane. If there well written, personable, it makes me want to see the world the same way they do. Abby for instance in the Abby and Ophelia mysteries, sees the special in the world. She knows that spirits walk, that plants can heal us, and occationaly concedes that faries are around us. Sookie in the "Southern Vampire" books is the same. She KNOWS that there are forces in the world that are beyond the norm. She can pluck that right out of your head!

As a writer though, I have a little trouble with this. I prefer to write about fantastical characters (vampires, warewolves, and the like), rather than the vague parts of the paranormal world. For me, it's easier to write about something that's larger than life, than something that just maybe could be. A guy that turns into a dog, no problem, but a plant that can make me feel better (that dosn't have Bayer etched on the side), that I find a little difficult.

This is something I'm considering working into my story however. I think a Kitchen Witch would be a great addition to my little cadre. Perhaps I'll work on that tonight. It is a full moon after all...


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