Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Behind the scenes...

As a writer, I create mulitiple worlds filled with any number of people, places and unusual things. Yes, they are ink and paper people, but there lives are important too. It's up to me to make sure all the balls stay in the air. So who takes care of the real world stuff when I've retreated into my head. And boy is there alot to do.

My mom is the go- to girl for appointments, errands etc, and editing questions. If I need Saturday night off, she takes the kids.

When it comes to the house, my husband Jackie sees the kids get their homework done while I'm still at work, feeds the pets, and watches the brood while I eat dinner that my fifteen year old son usually cooks. He loves to cook. (I'm taking daughter-in-law applications for the next 15 years or so LOL) Jackie watches them while I put on my 'contractor's hat' to go up to the new house and paint, hang paneling, ceilings and a hundred different things he can no longer do because of his disability.

Not to mention hundreds of net friends who give advice, crit, help with reasearch and tons of other things. Y'all are awesome, thank you! I tip my many 'hats' to you all.


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