Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Precious

Sometimes I don't feel like writing. Sometimes all I want to do is read. Like the past week, while I am enjoying having a brand new Kindle. Right now it is far more enchanting to me than the idea of working on my own manuscripts. This is especially true today, now that I am home from the dentist and my mouth hurts from getting a shot and a filling. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with my puppy and my Kindle and read.

My husband commented last night that I seemed to be reading more now that I have a Kindle. That's true, and I wonder if it's because it's a shiny new toy or will the device really change my reading habits. I can tell you it's easier to hold than a paperback, certainly easier than a hardback, and much easier than reading on my laptop. Once the new wears off and I've burned through all these books I bought, I'll have to pay attention to what happens with my reading habits and see how having an ereader changes them.

Not only am I curious about the amount I'll be reading, I'm curious if this will change what I read. There are a lot of classics in the public domain available for free - will having a Kindle finally be the thing that gets me to read Pride and Prejudice? I would like to read more classics, but I so love a good trashy genre novel, so I'm not going to hold myself to any lofty expectations. We'll see how it goes.

I have not yet named my Kindle but I keep thinking I should. I thought of calling it Giles, after my favorite fictional librarian. Or maybe just The Precious. Let's pretend for a moment I have the skill to photoshop a picture of Gollum holding a Kindle. Sadly I don't, which is too bad because that would be an awesome picture. I do have this, though:

My Kindle, with my book!
Anyone else get a new ereader this holiday season? What do you think of it, and do you think it will change your reading habits?

Here's links where you can get Bring on the Night for your Kindle or Nook. It's quite the action-packed little story with a great kick-ass girl vampire, and I guarantee 100% of my royalties from your purchase will go toward more books for The Precious Giles!*

*Let's just blame any goofiness evident in this post on that trip to the dentist, shall we? My mouth hurts. :(


Brooklyn Ann said...

I'm still hooked on my paperbacks :) But I agree that it is good to take a break from writing once in awhile and go on a good reading binge. I did that over the holidays and I feel so much more refreshed and eager to dive back into my WIP.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it is so nice to just binge on reading for a while. Feels like a vacation!