Monday, December 13, 2010

Lacking the spirit....

For the sake of honesty, I admit that I've never been the kind of person who lives in the moment. I'm a planner and a goal setter. Don't get me wrong! I enjoy the holidays as well as the next gal and love knowing that I've got the perfect gift for someone or that I don't have to stress because I've gotten everything done that I had planned on (and sometimes even a little more).

But this year I'm just not feeling it.

It's not the weather. True, there isn't a lot of snow on the ground—an unusual occurrence for a December in the Black Hills—but that's okay with me. I'm not a big fan of snow anyway. Seriously, I hate snow. The few years I lived in the Virginia Beach area I had no problem with the mild weather.

It's not the baking. I have all the cookies done and boxed up. And a number of them have been eaten. YUM!

It's not the gifts. I'm just about finished with the shopping.

I really don't know what the deal is. The holiday spirit seems to be alluding me this year. I have the same problem with my writing. Getting into the writing groove is difficult as well.

So what should I do? I know January will be here before too long, so I'm not worried about the holidays. I will spend some serious quality time with my family and enjoy their presence (and their presents, truth be told!). But what about the writing? For those who struggle with something similar, how do you pull yourself out of the funk?


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Nerine Dorman said...

Oh, I've lacked an festive cheer for almost a decade now... but I don't regret it. Rather I'm glad I don't end up spending money on an ephemeral few days of feasting.