Tuesday, November 30, 2010

And sometimes there are just days...

It's not often that I end up on my blog day with nothing to say, but today is one of them. Call it end-of-year fatigue or what-not, that's probably the closest thing I have in my vocab to express how I feel right now.

We've just returned from what I hope is my last plane flight for the year. If I look back over the past month or so, I've flown about... bah. Cape Town to OR Tambo Airport; OR Tambo Airport to Livingstone International, Zambia. Livingstone International to OR Tambo to Cape Town International... Cape Town International to Lanseria and back again. Twice in the past two weeks. It feels like a bloody litany.

The reasons for these trips include reviewing accommodation, attending a friend's funeral and being present at film screenings. To say I'm tuckered out is a plain understatement.

Oh, and I spent exactly twenty minutes in Zimbabwe to view the Victoria Falls. Call me crazy.

Somewhere between all that I've still had to cope with the end-of-year madness at the newspapers while keeping head above water with my editing obligations, which include taking care of edits for two of my own releases due over the next six months, oh, and be the beauteous wifey who cooks supper and keeps the house in some semblance of order.

I really just want to hide in my treehaus for a few weeks and pretend I'm not home.

How do I cope? I'm not quite sure, but when things threaten to overwhelm, I make sure I attack the situation one deadline at a time. That's the only advice I have. What is the most important fire that needs to be put out NOW.

Then I put out the fire. Oh, and try to get more than five hours' sleep a night.

On the plus side, I chatted with a lady at the SA HorrorFest this year and told her about my Khepera series, not expecting to hear from her. To my absolute delight, she's gone and bought book one. She'd told me she liked crime thrillers, and I told her my novel can fall under the "occult crime thriller label" (and no, I wasn't taking a long shot, okay?)

Well, this morning she messaged me on Facebook to tell me how much she was enjoying Khepera Rising. That kinda made my day a little better.

Now, go on and make an author happy. When you read their novel, mail them or post something nice on a site like Amazon or Goodreads.

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