Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enter Bethany aka Brynna Curry

Good Morning and Welcome to our blog!

Hi, I'm Bethany, also known by my pen Brynna Curry. I've never been asked why I write. To those who really know me, its just what I do. I've been writing stories or making them up for as long as I can remember. Why write paranormal? Like Nichole I've had close encounters with what I call others.

I'm not sure if they were spirits of those passed on, demons, angels or any other name you might give them. I have upon occasion questioned my own mental status, but hey, if some otherworldly being yells in my ear and says "Beth, Stop!" just before I pull out in front of another driver with no headlights on at nine o'clock in the evening. Who am I to complain, right?

I've held objects in antique stores and caught glimpes of their owners. Once my mother lost her mother's wedding band. She had looked for it three days, before she finally asked me to help. I never had to search for the ring, I laid my hand right on it. Then there are the dreams of my aunt and my grandmother. I've had whole conversations with them while sleeping, though it seems as if they are alive and its just another day. One always brings good news, and the other most often warns of major change, either by a death or accident. I guess I write paranormal because I feel so welcome in that realm. Ya'll just call me the resident oddball.

I married my high school sweetheart and I'm a mom of three teenagers, which makes finding five minutes to write a trial. Eight to five, I'm a secretary. I come from a broken homelife, which probably helped feed my need to write and escape in the world of books.

Vampires and Werewolves are favorite creatures to write for me. I usually have several works in progress going at once. Bite Me! is a sort of steamy vampire tale set in the city. Kayleigh Farell is an erotic paranormal romance novelist who finds herself being stalked by a real vampire. Kail McKenna, also a vampire, may be her only hope of remaining among the human race. She may be his freedom. Wolf's Bane is the story of Howl, a PI and werewolf, and Ana Brannon, a witch determined to free him of his curse. Thanks for taking this journey with us. It's sure to be a wild and spooky ride! Happy Halloween Everyone.


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